I did this one inspired by J.B Monge´s work . I love the details and the creativity of how a small guy would use a pig like a horse and things like that,in the J.B Monge´s work.


        Job made as freelancer to Alopra.com where I did an illustration to Boticário´s christmas campaign. In this job I did all the modeling,shading & light of all elements in scene.

FM O dia is a radio station located in Rio de Janeiro. In this job me and Plano Z team,we did the TV commercial to this client. I did the layout of the film,modeling,shading and light,in this project.

       Another work that I did with the  Plano Z team, building the following scenarios and the painting of icons that appear in the film.


Partnership with  Claudinê Nascimento  that made this model and I made the light, materials, rendering and post.

    Work I did with the guys from Plano Z. Worked on modeling, light, textures and materials, render of all elements of the scene.

                                                   Customizing things, a wooden shelf that turned into canvas, I used Posca pens.