I did this one to the north american rock´n roll band " Days of the new ",to your new albun called " Days of the new Presents tree colors"

In the bathroom - American´s winner BBC " What if ? "

Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, judge for the Americas, said: "Undoubtedly, this image is for me the most intriguing, interesting, direct, immediate and aesthetically beautiful. Mostly it touches into the major issue of the 21st century which is how to find an alliance between the most advanced knowledge and research and the most ancient, bodily facts. It is about the necessity of an alliance between organic and inorganic."


   This is about APAE, I gave my hands to the filming and so,I designed this illustrations about the history from APAE.

I did this one inspired by J.B Monge´s work . I love the details and the creativity of how a small guy would use a pig like a horse and things like that,in the J.B Monge´s work.


        Job made as freelancer to Alopra.com where I did an illustration to Boticário´s christmas campaign. In this job I did all the modeling,shading & light of all elements in scene.

FM O dia is a radio station located in Rio de Janeiro. In this job me and Plano Z team,we did the TV commercial to this client. I did the layout of the film,modeling,shading and light,in this project.

       Another work that I did with the  Plano Z team, building the following scenarios and the painting of icons that appear in the film.